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Puttin on the Hits

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In 1981 Wm. Randy Wood began conducting “Lip Sync” contests held in Seattle area nightclubs. These contests involved ordinary people competing head to head lip-syncing the words by popular recording artists recreating in spectacular fashion the make-up, the hairstyles, the costumes… every movement and every gesture of their favorite performers. Just imagine, seeing look-a-like recreations of your favorite artist or group in concert on your stage.

In late 1982 lip-sync contests became so popular among club owners Mr. Wood incorporated Lip Sinc International and implemented a licensing and training program so clubs operators could conduct their own local search. This licensing program was unique in that the contests ran for eight consecutive weeks renewable at the same terms and conditions. The club owners had such great financial success with this format they renewed their license several times returning many times their initial upfront investment in the promotion.

Mr. Wood continued to refine the contest format and further developed the concept as an entertainment form of mass appeal with contestants, sponsors, and the media. “Lip-syncing” as it came to be popularly known, became a national sensation, receiving considerable attention from dozens of local television stations around the country. Lip Sync International’s Lip Sync performers appeared nationally on numerous occasions on such shows as “PM Magazine”, “Solid Gold”, “The Dance Show”, “Entertainment Tonight” and internationally on the television show “Entertainment USA” on the BBC in Europe and on CTV in Canada. Likewise, news accounts and feature articles about the contests appeared in numerous publications around the country. By the spring of 1984 Mr. Wood licensed over 1500 preliminary contests in 30 cities, and had conducted two National Finals.

In April 1984 Mr. Wood joined forces with dick clark productions stepping into the position of consulting producer for a brand new television series Puttin on the Hits based on the lip-sync contest format he had created and used in clubs nationwide. With the new show airing in September Mr. Wood immediately converted his contests around the country to official auditions for Puttin' on the Hits providing a continuous flow of eager contestants for the series. Grand Final winners from these club auditions in over fifty cities across America were given a chance in Hollywood to compete for the $25,000 Grand Prize. The series aired from September 1984 to 1988 in 26 countries, and was nominated twice for the Daytime Emmy Awards. Watch for the all new America's Lip Sync Star Television Show coming soon.

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