Amercias Lip Sync Star The 201209 National Lip Sync Talent Search

America’s Lip Sync Star auditions will be held in various venues across America in search of the very best lip-sync impersonators to appear on the new series. The 8 week contests/auditions will be conducted in clubs, malls, college and university campuses and other locations across America. This is your chance to be the STAR you always wanted to be.

The All New 
A one hour music reality television series 
The show that makes you the star you always wanted to be” 
Created By William Wood

Contestants from all across the country represent their city and compete head to head by Lip Syncing, the words to a popular song creating the illusion they are that star recreating live the sounds, looks, and moves of a popular artist or music group (Tribute Band) in search of being “the star they always wanted to be”.

The All New America’s Lip Sync Star is a one hour music reality television series where ordinary people from all walks of life lip-sync the hit recordings of artists from yesterday and today recreating in spectacular fashion the make-up, the hairstyle, the costumes…..every movement and every gesture of their favorite performers. Nothing is spared to create the illusion of the real thing. These look-a-like contestants compete in a “Battle of the Bands” format representing their city in front of celebrity judges.

Preliminary contests on the grass roots level will be held at clubs, malls and other venues in various cities with the grand final winners from these venues advancing to eight Regional Finals. Show producers will be on hand (at these contests/auditions) to tape contestants and up close and personal interviews as show segments. These Regional Final contest winners will earn the right to be flown to The Bahamas and compete on a real concert stage for a chance to win $100,000.00 in cash and prizes.

Interactive elements will include text messaging, call-in, and Internet voting during the live elimination process and a website with information about the show, how venues can participate, and links to sponsors and merchandizing.

Puttin’ on the Hits series has proven to appeal to the 18 to 49 year old demographic as well as with kids and young adults who can identify with these contestants. Many are participating in airband shows, and contests at their school. Viewers become well acquainted with the contestants as a result of the extensive biography segments, endearing family interviews and highly entertaining concert like tapings. The audience soon gets to know a lot about the personal lives of each of the contestants, their families, and the venue they represent. They get a real sense of what’s on the line for these contestants. The format allows viewers to form an involved, personal connection to the contestants and assures greater viewer ship than other, less personal reality talent shows.

Audience participation is constant and dynamic as home viewers are able to vote each week for their favorite contestants keeping them glued to their television sets. The studio audience can’t help but get caught up in the excitement and enjoy seeing recreations of famous recording artists performing in a concert like atmosphere.

(The opportunity exists for a one hour reunion special with Allen Fawcett featuring segments “Where are they now” with past POTH contestants).

America’s Lip Sync Star is a 13-week music reality series airing once each week.

The series begins week one with live appearances of the top 5 performers (or group) from 5 city final competitions, continuing for the first 10 episodes. Live performances, voting, and elimination of bottom 4 winners each week narrows the field to 10 winning performers in episode ten, leaving 5 semi-finalists remaining to compete in episode eleven, and 5 semi-finalists competing in episode twelve. The 5 semi-finalists from these two weeks would perform their best song for the judges, and viewers at home. Call in voting and text messaging determines the final vote and declaration of the winning performer or group at the Grand Final.

This thirteenth Grand Final episode showcases all the performers from the two Semi-Finals in week eleven and twelve announcing the nine runners up contestants leaving the $100k winner to bask in the fame and glory.

America’s Lip Sync Star is “the show that makes you the star you always wanted to be”.

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